Stories Of Dracorma

          #3 - "Porterville" ©

          When the space travelers from Earth first landed on Dracorma,a small city was given to them to use for a spaceport and trade city. The earthmen renamed it Porterville in honor of Captain Porter, the first captain to land on Dracorma. The earthmen thought the Dracormians were a backward race and made many promises they never planned on keeping. But the Dracormians were highly inteligent, and were not fooled by the earthmen. Their Queens and Kings knew the time would come when they would become the powerful race that they once had been, and the earthmen would be properly delt with then. That time came during the reign of Queen Skoria and King Tarrak of the Fifth Queendom.

          Queen Skoria’s daughter, the Crown Princess Skoriana was kidnaped by an earthman. Ten years later she left Porterville and was taken in by Anna and Ture who lived in Tallas, which was about ten miles away. Before long, Skoriana was returned to her rightful place as Crown Princess. At her command, Anna and Ture became Duchess and Duke of the Highland Dukedom, and Anna’s daughter Mina was made a Princess. A few years later Skoriana married Anna’s nephew Tempae who she had sent to Porterville as a Dracormian Ambassador. Tempae had spent time among the earthmen and knew their ways. When Tempae asked the earthmen’s Ambassador Carpenter to make good on their promises to share Earth’s technology, he refused unless Dracorma opened up at least one city in each of the five queendoms to the earthmen. Tempae left Porterville and returned to the Palace, after telling Skoriana of Carpenter’s demands, she said: “Wait a little while my Love, and I will go back with you, he will change his mind!”

          The governments of Earth had been waiting, thinking the Dracormians would give in and open up their world to colonists from Earth. But that was before Carpenter had received news of Skoriana and the Highland Dukedom. Carpenter did not understand how powerful the Dracormians had once been, but he knew if he didn’t do something soon, Earth may loose the only foothold they had on Dracorma. Carpnter had received orders to do whatever it took to get at least one more city in each of the four other queendoms. He thought if he offered a little of the technology Earth had promised long ago, they would quickly give in to his demands. Skoriana and Tempae’s rise to power put a quick stop to his plans. There was no longer any hope of bribing the Dracormans with a little technology.

          Carpenter began holding secret meetings with his Spaceport Authority and the captain of the warship HMS-457 which Earth now had orbiting Dracorma. Carpenter was not willing to use the warship on the Dracormians, he was not at all convinced they were as weak and powerless as the captain seemed to think. During one of these meetings he said: “Captain Morgan, ever since it was discovered that it was that fool O’Conner who kidnaped Queen Skoria’s daughter, no one has been allowed to leave Porterville. I have been sending men out to keep an eye on what these Dracormians are up to.”

          “Ever since Princess Skoriana has come to power, strange things have been going on. Things which no earthman has ever been able to do, it would take too long to try and explain everything she has been doing, but the local people have been calling her a ‘High Queen’, whatever that is, and even a ‘Goddess’!”

          Captain Morgan said: “The warship HMS-457 is in orbit, and capable of turning this planet into a cloud of dust! What are you afraid of Carpenter?” He answered: “If you think you are going to go around turning planets into dust, get back in your ship and leave this system! We have not spent twenty years working with the local people just to have you destroy the whole world. What we need is to start colonizing this planet, so start thinking of a way to get these people to open this land to us.” Captain Morgan said: “I am going back to my ship, I didn’t come all the way out here to play games, if you need the help of a warship let me know. Otherwise don’t involve me or my crew in your foolish ideas.”

          The Ambassador was a good man at heart and sent word to Tempae to come and see him as soon as possible. When Tempae got Carpenter’s message, he and Skoriana both flew to the Spaceport Authority building in Porterville. As they sat down in Carpenter’s office he said: “Princess Skoriana, Prince Tempae; thank-you for coming. Tempae, I know we don’t agree on much, but we have a new problem. Earth is badly over crowded, and the governments have decided Dracorma must be opened to colonists. There is a warship orbiting your planet with a captain who insists on using his fire-power to force you into opening all of Dracorma to colonists from Earth. You cannot trust him not to act on his own!”

          Skoriana became very angry, instead of speaking, she sat motionless with her eyes closed. A few moments later, Captain Morgan appeared standing in front of he. She looked over at Carpenter and asked: “Is this the man?” His mouth started moving but no sound came out. Skoriana said: “I’ll take that to be ‘Yes’” Turning to Captain Morgan she asked: “Since you plan on killing my people, and destroying my planet, shall I kill the earthmen in this city and on your ship?” He did little better than Carpenter, but he managed to say: “How did I get here? Carpenter, who is this Woman!” Skoriana answered: “I am your High Queen Skoriana, I brought you here to answer the charges Ambassador Carpenter has brought against you!”

          He spun around and yelled at Carpenter: “Carpenter, you Fool, you are going to pay for this! Now tell me what this woman is talking about?” Skoriana answered him instead: “You are the FOOL, not Ambassador Carpenter! I am going to give you one more chance to answer me before you and your precious ship disappear.”

          Although Morgan didn’t believe Skoriana could destroy his ship, she had managed to transport him to Carpenter’s office without using a shuttle. So he decided to go along with her for a while until he could figure out what Skoriana could do. So he said: “I am sorry, you said your name is Skoriana?” When no one said anything, he continued: “I do not intend on destroying your planet, and I hope there is no need for anyone to die. But it will not do you any good to kill me and my crew, or destroy my ship. If I do not contact Earth soon, and tell them to go ahead and start sending the colonists, you will have ten warships in yor sky instead of one. You must accept the colonists and stop this war before it starts, you cannot hope to win a war against Earth!”

          Tempae was going to speak, but Skorina held up her hand and then said: “There will not be a war on Dracorma, but there will not be any colonsts from Earth either. Although you do not believe me, I can destroy your ship in a moment. I am going to send you back to your ship without any weapons, you will find that you are now just a passenger ship. Return to Earth with this message: ‘You will send no colonists! A long as you obey my command, you will be allowed to continue trading with us!’” As she fnished speaking Morgan disappeared.

          Then she turned to Carpenter and said: “We were promised full use of Earth’s technology. My husband the Crown Prince, has already spent too much of his time asking you to fulfill your promise. There is still time to send the rest of you up to Morgan’s ship. Do we have your co-operation? Or do I send all of you away with Morgan?”

          Carpenter did not have to see a man appear ot of nowhere and then disappear a second time. It was clear that the woman sitting before him was much more powerful than her mother Queen Skoria. If he was not carful, Earth was going to lose even this small foothold on Dracorma. So he said: “I heard you say that you are the ‘High Queen’, to Captain Morgan, but it was my understanding that you are our Crown Princess. By what title do you wish to be called?” Skoriana replied: “Princess Skoriana will do for now. I am the High Queen of Dracorma, but I hae not stood before the ‘Council of the Five Queens’ yet!”

          Carpenter said: “Okay Princess, it is like this. I am not so powerful as you are, and I don’t have access to much of Earth’s technology. I will allow you to make use of what I have, but after hearing about the things you have been up too, I don’t think you will want what little I have to offer.” She laughed at him and asked: “Ambassador Carpenter, do you earthmen ever understand anything except force?” He began to laugh with her and said: “Sometimes I don’t think so. The governments of Earth have warred with each other for so many centuries, it has become a way of life. We have also met a few hostile races on other planets. Captains like Morgan have begun to use their fire-power first and ask questions later. Captain Morgan does not represent the people of Earth!”

          What would you do if I allowed you to leave Porterville, and become a true Ambassador to the people of Dracorma?” Carpenter looked embarrassed as he said: “Princess, Earth did not send us out of kindness to your people. We were sent here to open the doors for thousands of colonists from Earth. I know there is more than enough room here, but I understand you’re not wanting t share your world with colonists from a world light years away. So what am I to do? If I do y job, you end up with a world full of earthmen. If I don’t, you will have a sky full of warships!” Skoriana said: “I will never allow colonists to come to Dracorma! How long can your ship orbit Dracorma without needing suplies?” He said: “Two more weeks.” Skoriana thought for a moment and then said: “Come with us to Highland Castle, it is a good place to relax and talk about what we must do. I hate ths city, but we must settle these matters now.”

          As they were walking ot to the street, Skoriana commanded a dragon-lizard to come to her. Carpenter mounted the dragon-lizard and the three of them flew north-east to Highland Castle. This was the first time Carpenter had left Porterville since he landed in a shuttle four years ago after spending a little while on one of the cargo ships. This was aso the first time he had ever flown on a dragon-lizard, he looked over at Skoriana flying beside him and said: “Princess, I don’t know how to thank you. I have never enjoyed myself so much since I came to Dracorma! It must be wonderful to have your own wings” She smiled and said: “I thought you might enjoy it. It will help you to think more clearly when we talk of important matters later. It will also do you good to see a little of the land we are talking about.”

          Tempae asked: “Well Ambassador, we have talked plety in your office. Now that you are seeing our Queendom with your own eyes, what do you think of it?” Carpenter had a guilty look on his face as he said: “Honestly Prince Tempae, I thought you were a primitive people, like some of the people who used to live on Earth. I know now that I was wrong, you are different, but not primitive. When I first saw your planet from the starship that brought me here from Earth’s moon, I saw a world with no roads, dams, large cities or anything else that would mark the presence of an advanced civilization.”

          “Your landscape is beautiful, it is what Earth must have looked like a few thousand years ago. It would be a shame to see all of this beautiful land looking like Porterville, with cities and roads everywhere. What would you have me say Prince Tempae? Of all the worlds I have seen, except Earth, I would rather live here.” Tempae replied: “Dracorma is a beautiful planet, we want to keep it that way. We are flying over our lowlands now, where most of our ranchers and farmers live. Before too long we will be in the highlands of Duchess Anna and Duke Ture. I hope you understand the privilage Princess Skoriana has granted to you. No earthman has ever visited the highlands or Highland Castle before!”

          After landing near the castle, they walked over to the river where Torr had built a port for the river boats. Torr’s first large river boat was being loaded with stone slabs from a stack next to the port, and a second river boat was being built in a dry dock. Carpenter said: “It is good to see that you have been able to make use of the crystal motors and river boat plans Princess, and I can see why you like to come and spend time here.Princess Skoriana, Price Tempae; I have heard that your peple can lift heavy things without ropes or cables, but this is the first time I have seen it with my own eyes. How do you do it?” Tempae said: “Now you begin to understand why we don’t need all of your fancy machines. Yes, we will use the motors you gave us, but not for endless vehicals driving across the countryside.”

          Later that evening after a traditional Dracormian dinner, they were sitting in the castle with the rest of the family. Skoriana said: “Ambassador, by now you must understand that Earth is not going to colonize Dracorma. Earlier you spoke of Earth being so over crowded that you must head out into space in your ships filling othr planets with your people as well. Why not just control yourselves so that you don’t need to come here?”

          Carpenter said: “I am not the King of Earth, I have no authority over the people or governments. If I did, things would be different. As an Ambassador, I receive my orders from the governments on Earth and do my best to find a way to get the people on the planet I have been sent too, to agree with their desies. The last world I was on, was so backward that they were willing to do anything to get the earthmen to come. That was an easy job, and even enjoyable.But Dracorma is different, you don’t really need us or our knowledge. You have also made it clear that you don’t want to let us come and live with you. So what am I supposed to do? Until I saw what you did to Captain Morgan today, I thought he ws going to start using his fire-power on your cities. That warship could have destroyed all of your major cities in one day. It was designed to protect or people from whatever we might find in space. Princess, I don’tknow what you did, but Morgan must not have any of his fire-power left, or he would already be usng it on you by now!”

          Anna waited patiently for Carpenter to finish, when he stopped talkng she said: “Why is a warship in our sky Ambassador? Haven’t you earthmen caused enough problems already?” Skoriana put her hands over Anna’s and said: “I have taken care of Captain Morgan and his warship Mother, that’s what Ambassador Carpenter was talking about. Ambassador, you have seen enough of our people and Queendom, do you have a solution to our problem?” He said: “No matter what we do, Earth has to find more planets for their colonists. We have already colonized the planets where humans can live within five light-years from Earth. Except for Dracorma, and three others which have superior warships. No matter what they say, the real problem is that we need a world in this area to use as a stop over to restock and fuel the ships, and to give the passengers a rest from space travel. Porterville is much too small to meet the needs of a shipload of colonists, or to keep all of the supplies a ship would need before heading out into deep space. If we solve this problem I don’t see any reason for them to stay on Dracorma.”

          After listening to Carpenter, Torr asked: “How many people need to stay in Porterville at one time? How much and what kind of supplies are your starships going to need? And what is Earth going to pay us for all of these supplies?” Carpenter replied: “To make this plan work, Porterville would have to be able to house and feed at least one thousand more earthmen. There would be one hundred more earthmen stationed here, but they would be making a lot of trips to a planet one light-year away which Earth calls CRY-21, it is a dead planet rich in the crystals we use to power starships. Porterville now holds one thousand earthmen, so it needs to be twice as large. The ships will need to be restocked with food, water and medicines. Water is easy, the Krem River will supply more than we ever need. Food is more of a problem, since you are only producing enough for your own people and those living in Porterville now. As for the medicine, you don’t seem to use most of the medicines we use. They will have to be brought by a cargo ship and a warehouse kept stocked here.”

          Starn did not like the idea of having twice as many earthmen on Dracorma. He said: “Cindy, if we allow two thousand earthmen to live on Dracorma, and let them turn Porterville into a major city, something has to be done to confine them to Porterville. You are a perfect example of what they will do if we give them half a chance.” She said: “Yes Uncle Starn, I know you are right. Ambassador, without some way to prevent earthmen from leaving Porterville we cannot allow any more to come. The only way is to turn Porterville into a prison city, a wall must be built around the city that is large enough to prevent them from escaping. This wall must be built before one more earthman is allowed to come, and there is to be only one gate out of the city that has guards posted at all times.”

          “Ambassador Carpenter, you have spoken about the earthmen’s needs and desires. But you have not said a word about what you are going to do for us. There is no reason for us to feed you with our food and water or give you space to live on our planet and receive nothing in return. We are not your slaves, and your Earth money has no value on Dracorma. How do you propose to pay for the goods and services you are asking for?” He said: “Princess, what do you want? I could arrange passage on our ships for any of your people who want to leave and find a new planet. I can have more crystal motors sent from Earth. I might be able to get a shuttle or two for you. Tell me what Dracormians need, I will do my best to get it for you!”

          Skoriana was not satisfied wth Carpenter’s answer. She said: “You knew that O’Conner kidnaped me when I was a little girl and did nothing about it, until Unce Torr came and made you lock him and the woman up! We have been supplying your needs for years, in trade we have received some foods frm Earth, a few trinkets and ten motors. Now your captain comes to destroy all of our cities. Queen Skoria will not go against my decisions, so I will make you this offer: If Earth makes good on all of their promises, and you can find some way to pay for turning Dracorma into a major spaceport. We will begin on the necessary construction in Porterville. When that is finished your colonists will be allowed to land. But each group must leave within sixty days and only one group is to be here at a time.”

          Carpenter had hoped Skoriana would give in and allow them to build a whole new city able to handle five or even ten ships at once. But he had gained a lot of ground, Dracorma would now be a large base far enough out from Earth to allow research ships to discover several more planets. If only they would find a way to go faster than light, Earth would not need Dracorma anymore. He just about jumped out of his chair when Skoriana said: “All you have to do is change your fuel Ambassador, and build your ships for a one way trip, that's what we did!” He said: “Princess, you can hear my thoughts too?” She replied: “Of course Ambassador. If a ship can go five light-years round trip, it could go ten one way. With all of your machines, you should be building small research ships with no people on board. Replace the people with fuel, that should allow your little research ships to go up to twenty light-years from Dracorma.”

          Ambassador Carpenter nodded and said: “Yes Princess, I believe your idea will work, but it will require that we build the small ships here on Dracorma. We will have to find a planet where we can find the metals needed for the ships. CRY-21 will supply the crystals to power them, Earth will have to send out the scientific equipment which will take just under two years.” Skoriana said: “Remember, all of this is not going to happen, unless you fulfill your true role as Earth's Ambassador! We have talked long enough for now. When you have proven that you are going to do your part, we will meet again. Tomorrow we will take you back to your office, Uncle Torr’s river boat will be heading down to Father, you can hitch a ride with his men. He will arrange transportation for you back to Porterville.”

          With the business over, Skoriana and Tempae went for a walk along the river. Blomon, the first of Dracorma’s three moons was just rising above the horizon. They walked along the river for a while in silence. Climbing a small hill, they sat on a large granite boulder just above the trees. Skoriana said: “Tempae, with these changes in the earthmen, I am going to have to stand before the Five Queens soon. Unless I take my mother’s place, this will be the first time Dracorma has had six Queens. It is not time to make Skoria step down, and I will have more than enough to do ruling over the Five Queendoms. Life will not be the same fo us, we must prepare the people to return to the old ways when we still lived on Tsepitslen” (said: Tsch-Peets-Len).

          Tempae didn’t know what to say, not that long ago he was just a common boy, wit no hope of eer being anything more than a businessman like his father. Now his father was a Duke and he was married to the High Queen of Dracorma! He asked: “Skoriana, what is going to happen to us now?” She smiled and said: “Later Honey, let’s enjoy this evening. There may not be many more opportunities like this for us!”

          Early the next morning Skoriana and Tempae walked with Carpenter to the river boat which was loaded and ready to leave. As he sat down with the small crew, Carpenter said: “I will do my best to fulfill my part of our agreement Princess. Since we cannot leave Porterville, someone will have to keep in contact with me. After seeing your Highlands and the Highland Castle, I think Earth may have things we can offer you after all.” Skoriana answered: “Ambassador, as long as you are alone, you may leave Porterville!” Then the river boat headed down the Krem River to the place where Ture’s canal turned south. Stopping the boat one of the men asked: “Are you going to Ture? Or are you headed to Porterville?” Carpenter said: “I would like to see the canal if it is alright.” So they headed south to Ture. Fifteen miles down the canal they came to a temporary dam. Just beyond, Ture’s people were busy digging and shaping the cannal.

          As Carpenter walked off the river boat, Ture spotted him and said: “Ambassador Carpenter, how can we help you?” It was clear that Ture was not happy to see him. Carpenter said: “Duke Ture, this is beautiful work! I have just come from your castle, Princess Skoriana took me there for a meeting with your family. I have agreed to begin trying to fulfill the promisses Earth made to your people. Princess Skoriana has allowed me to travel outside of Porterville, so I came to see you before returning to my office. How can I help you with your work?” Ture and Carpenter stood watching Ture’s men unload the slabs from the river boat. Then Ture said: “Carpenter, I don’t trust you! But if you want to help us, you can start with a hundred more crystal motors. This canal is going to our southlands so we can farm them and build a couple more cities fo our people. Paetor is bringing logs from Duchess Vellor and Duke Rappa’s coastal forests, and Sintar is cutting and sending down stone for the canal. After the canal is finished, we will use the logs and stone for the cities. Our people get around well enough under their own power, but very few of us can transport or lift anything heavy. Give us a few vehicals which can transport tons without roads or polluting our planet.”

          Carpenter asked: “Could your farmers and ranchers use plants and animals from Earth? We have a large variety which would grow well here, like the coffee we have been importing. I know the people in Porterville would love to be able to buy food native to their home world.” Ture said: “Okay, Carpenter; bring some of your plants and we will see what happens. I want to know more about these animals before you bring any of them to Dracorma.” Carpenter replied: “Good enough Duke Ture, I will send word to Earth, and I will try and get a couple shuttles for you. Do you have a dragon-lizard I could ride back to Prterville?” Ture whistled and shortly a dragon-lizard came flying up to Ture. He put his hand on the dragon’s head and said: “Fly him back to his city, and then return to us!”

          After mounting Ture’s dragon-lizard, Carpenter flew back to his office. Sitting down at his desk he picked up a radio and called Morgan. When Morgan answered, he said: “Well Morgan, has Princess Skoriana released your ship yet?” and started laughing. Morgan sounded more afraid than angry as he said: “Yes, but she stripped all of our weapons, and we are running out of supplies. If we steer clear of the Narrkors and Contocks I think we can make it back without weapons. But we must re-stock the ship before we go anywhere! Send up a couple shuttles with food and water so we can get out of here!”

          Carpenter said: “Not so fast Morgan, use your radio and get a hold of Headquarters for me. Once you were out of the way I began to understand the truth about the Dacormian’s, we made real progress! I need the follwing sent to Dracorma: One Ranger Class Explorer with crew and probes. Two 575-R's with miners to work CRY-21. Two Freighters, one with shuttles and a radio satellite so I can contact Earth, one with an assortment of vegtables, fruits, nuts and spices. Include a few cattle and horses as well!”

          Morgan sat in his chair on the bridge of his warship, and said: “Well Carpenter, it didn't take you long to find a way to make me come back to this crazy planet! Very well, I’ll send your message. By the way, they have ships that travel faster than light now, so it should only be fifteen months or so.” Carpenter filled a shuttle with food and another with water and sent them up to Morgan. When they returned he sent one back with medicines and crystals. With his ship restocked, Morgan left for Earth.

          Carpenter then called in his Chief of Spaceport Authority and said: “Anderson, it is time you got up and earned your pay! Put together a crew and begin designing a new Porterville. The new port has to be able to handle four shuttles at once, we need to be able to house one thousand colonists short term and two hundred mine workers. Also you will be building a wall around the new city that is large enough to keep anyone from going over, and oe gate near the Krem River. Come see me when you have your plans drawn up.” Anderson replied: “Yes Sir,” then turned and left. It was six months before Carpenter found a folder lying on his desk with all of Anderson’s plans for the New Porterville in it.

          Carpenter took a dragon-lizard he kept handy and flew to the mansion Duchess Tanna and Duke Pontok called a castle in Tellar. Their butler let him in and gave him a mug of ale. When Tanna and Pontok came in he stood up and said: “Good morning Duchess, Duke. Since Porerville is within your Dukedom, I wanted to come see you before changing anything. Six months ago Princess Skoriana and Prince Tempae gave me permission to increase the size of Porteville as long as we build a wall around it to make sure the earthmen stay inside. Here is a folder of our plans, the highlanders will supply the materials we need, but I wanted you to know what is going on.”

          Pontok took the folder and looked over Carpenter's plans, and handed them to Tanna as he said: “I don’t like this, but if Princess Skoriana has given you permission there is nothing we can do to stop you!” Tanna said: “I agree Pontok, this is not good. But Skoriana is a wse Princess, she would not give these earthmen permission to do this if it wasn’t best for all of us. I do think you should go see her though, take this eartman with you. Skoriana is at Highland Castle with Anna and Ture.” Pontok left Lowland Castle with Carpenter flying beside him on his dragon-lizard. As they were flying east along the Krem River, Pontok asked: “What have you done to get Princess Skoriana to allow you to do this expansion of Porterville?” Carpenter replied: “Duke Pontok, six months ago there was a warship in your sky. Her captain was ready to begin destroying your cities until you opened Dracorma to be colonized by earthmen.”

          “Princess Skoriana put a stop to Morgan’s plans, but she chose to help us so that we won’t need to colonize Dracorma. Earth has also developed faster than light starships now, which will allow us to find other planets where no one is already living.” Pontok said: “I still don’t like it Carpenter, you earthmen have already caused too much trouble here. No one has forgotten what you did to Princess Skoriana! We will see what she has to say.”

          They flew on in silence until they reached Highland Castle. After landing near the castle, Pontok said: “Wait here, I’ll find the Princess!” Pontok went in and found Anna, he asked: “Duchess Anna, where can I find Princess Skoriana?” Anna was surprised to see Pontok since he had never come to visit since she and Ture moved into the castle. She said: “Pontok what brings you here? Cindy and Tempae are out at the quarry, but they shold be back before too long. Have a seat and I’ll get you something to drink while you wait.”He answered: “I have Carpenter waiting outside with some crazy plans for increasing the size of Porterville. We need to see the Princess!”

          Anna shook her head and said: “Pontok, why did you leave Ambassador Carpenter outside?” She turned to a young woman and said: “Casana go out and bring Ambassador Carpenter in!” Casana quickly found Carpenter standing by his dragon-lizard where Pontok had left him. She curtsied and said: “Ambassador, I am sorry Duke Pontok left you like this, will you come with me?” He smiled and gave her a slight bow, and followed her into the castle. Carpenter sat down near Pontok, as Anna handed him a mug of ale she said: “It is good to see you again Ambassador. Ture, Cindy and Tempae will be back shortly. How is Porterville coming along?”

          Carpenter stood up and bowed to Anna as he said: “Duchess Anna, it is good to see you again also.” Taking the mug of ale he said: “I have the plas here for the Princess and Prince to look at, if they are satisfied we will begin the construction.” Anna sat beside him, and then asked: “May I see your plans?” Carpenter handed her the folder. As She looked over his map of the new city she said: “This is what Cindy was asking for, I can’t see any problems Ambassador. What about Morgan?” He answered: “He is gone, Duchess. I restocked his ship and he left for Earth.”

          Before too long Skoriana, Tempae and Ture walked in. Carpenter stood up and said: “Princess Skoriana, Prince Tempae; I have the plans ready for the additions to Porterville. If you find them acceptable we will begin construction!” Skoriana took them and laid them on a table. After she and Tempae studied them she said: “Good enough Ambassador, this will work. Have you fulfilled your part?” With a worried look he said: “I hope so Princess, I have two shuttles, more crystal motors, and an assortment of plants coming from Earth for you. And with the new wall around the city, our people shouldn't give you any more problems. I will also give you the use of one of my shuttles to transport the materials until your shuttles arrive from Earth.”

          Skoriana nodded and said: “You have done well Ambassador, go ahead and build the city according to your plans. We do not have time to visit. I will come see you as soon as I can. Pontok help Ambassador Carpenter with New Porterville, he is obeying my orders! I want this over with as soon as possible!”

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