Poems And Psalms
By Glory Christensen

  1. Hand In Hand
  2. Love
Hand In Hand

As we walked along the beach hand in hand, having fun in the sun as the tide rolled in, I loved you. I loved you then my Love, and I love you still. We walked through the woods past gentle streams, and meadows filled with wildflowers, I loved you then, and I love you still. Whether by the sea or high in the mountains, it is you that I love, then and now.

When I first met you it was your beauty in spirit and soul that I fell in love with and your love for our God. You were the one that I loved, and I love you still. When I first saw you, I knew that my life would never be the same, you were the one God had prepared for me, the one who would fill those empty voids that had been there for so long. I loved you then, and I love you still; you are the only one for me the only one I will ever love. My love for you grows stronger as each day passes, as we share the joys and hardships of life the bond between us grows stronger. It is a bond that cannot be broken by man or time, it is the bond of true love. You are the only one that I love, and I never want to be without you. I loved you then, I love you still, you are the only one for me.

As we walk down the street of life, you grow more beautiful everyday. Now that our spring has turned to summer I desire to be with you more each day watching our children grow. They look just like you my Love, so beautiful, and precious in both our sight and God's. I don't ever want to be without you my Love, you have become a part of me and I couldn't bare to be without you. You are my life, it is for you that I live, and for our Lord.

Come my Love, let us grow together in our Lord, let us teach our children the truth of our Lord, when they are grown, their love for Jesus will be strong. Whether the times are good or bad, our love will only grow stronger. When I first saw you, I loved you, and I love you still.


I saw love, deep in your eyes.
I heard love like sweet music in your voice.
I felt love in the gentle carress of your touch.
I found love the day you came into my life.
I will have love because of you alone.
You are the source of all my hopes, my dreams and desires.
I will love you forever!

The Lady

I love you so much, sometimes I try to tie you down. I worry everytime you go out that you will find someone better, 'cause Honey I know I ain't much. But you always come back to me, back to the lady who loves you so much. There isn't a woman around who would not jump at the chance if she could get her hands on you. And so I hope and pray to God that you will be strong, and remember the lady who awaits you at home, the lady who loves you so much!

Tender Love

You are my husband, the only man in my life. You are the most tender, loving and compassionate man I have ever known. I will love you forever, I will love you until the sun stops shinning and the moon flys away.


My heart aches, it aches with an unbearable pain. I long for a man who will love me, and cherish me, who will choose me alone to be his wife. I search for him each day, but each night I go to bed alone and my heart aches for him.

I long to have him by my side, I want to feel his touch, to hear his voice, I want to know that he is mine alone. He would be my Prince, my King, the fulfillment of all my dreams. And I would be his Princess, his Queen, the one Lady who loves him above all the other men on Earth. I would be his True Love and his wife. Together we would walk down "Life's Road" never again to part!

Where are you my Love? Though I search for you each day and night, I cannot find you! Oh my God, my God; where can he be? It is not right for a lady to be alone, it is not good for me to walk through life alone! I must find you my Love, I cannot bear to live without you by my side.

Come to me my Love, and take away this pain. Come to me my Love and stand by my side, walk with me through this life and be my Man. Let me be your Lady, let me bring to you a joy and happiness you have never known before. Let me be your Wife, your Love, the fulfillment of all your dreams.

Let me give my love t you, and receive love from you. Let me give to you all that I am, and learn to know you as no lady ever has. I am the one who will never leave you or reject you, I am the one who will devote her life to you alone. Let me be your wife, the one who loves you and desires you more and more with each passing day.

I would have you by my side, I would have you hold me in your strong arms. I need you my Love, I need you more than I have ever needed anything in my life. My heart aches, it aches for you my Love. My Love; do I ache alone? Or do you feel this pain too? Do I dream of a man, long for a man, ache for a man who is not? Do I search for a man who will never be found, do I ache for a man who will never be mine? My God, my God; I cannot belive it is true, I would rather be dead!

By The Word

Sing joyfuly to the Lord all you righteous; for the word of the Lord is right and true, he is faithful in all that he does. Praise his Holy Name!

By the word of our mighty God the heavens and the Earth were made. He spoke and it came t be, he commanded and it stood firm. Worship him, for he alone is worthy.

O my Lord, many are the wonders you have done for us. So many that no one can tell of them all. We could fill the Earth with volumes and still have more to tell. Blessed is the name of the Lord, for he alone is Holy and True.

I Will Exalt You

O Lord, you are my God; I will exalt you and praise your name, for in perfect faithfulness you have done mrvelous things, things planed long ago. You have been a refuge for the poor, a refuge for the needy in his distress, a shelter from the storm and a shade from the heat. Isaiah: 25:1-4;

My Savior

You are my Lord, you are my Savior, you are my God and King. I knew not love until you gave me yours, you filled me to overflowing.

I must share this love you have given to me, Lord I must share it with the lost, I must share your love with them, I can't hold it all, you have given me so much, I love you Lord, you have filled my spirit, soul and body with your love and peace my Lord which passes all understanding.

You are my Savior, the one who washed me clean of sin and placed your holy seal on me. I love you Lord more than everything this world has to offer. I worship you my Lord, all that I have is yours, after what you have done for me my Lord I give you everything that I am, oh Lord what else could I do?

You gave me life my Lord, you gave me everlasting life in my spirit. And now my Lord I want to give my life back to you to use as you will. I am yours my Lord and I thank you for all you have done for me.

Holy Son Of God

Holy Son of God, you are the creator of all things, the heavens and the Earth speak of your Greatness! Before time began you were, after everything we see is gone, you still will be the Holy Son of God. From everlasting to everlasting my God, Savior and King. I will praise your Holy Name forever!

Thank-you Jesus

My Lord when I was drowning in this ocean of sin, you came and rescued me, now I belong to you. When I was lonely and broken-hearted, you came and healed me, my Lord all praise belongs to you. You are the best friend anyone could ever have, you are always by my side. I love you Jesus, you are my Lord, the one who saved, healed and sealed my soul.

I must tell the story of the wonderous things you have done for me. You are my God, Lord and Savior, I am nothing without you. I thank you Jesus for always being by my side, I will love you and praise you my Lord forever.

Rise Up!

Rise up O Christian, for our time is short. Be silent no longer, we must tell the world of Jesus love and forgivness

Every day we walk among them and don't say a word, every day we see them wander in their blindness. Can we stand to be silent any longer? The signs are here, they are all around us warning that time is short. Even now the hoof beats of the horsemen can be heard, the trumpet of the Lord is ready to be blown.

Rise up O Christian, and spread the news, shout it from the house tos, tell them of the blood he shed for our salvation. Rise up O Christian and tell them of Jesus Christ before it is too late.

O Lord, if no one else will go send me. Untie my tongue, open my mouth so that I may speak, give me the strength and courage, I will tell them of your great salvation and your blood which washes whiter than snow. If no one else will go and tell them, Lord send me, I will tell them about you!

Shades Of Black

Though the night is ever so long, and the darkest shades of black surround me, yet will I praise him. Someday this night will be over and again the sun will rise on my life. how I long for the love, joy and peace that I once knew. This night cannot last forever, it must leave taking with it the evil it has brought to me along with it.

I will rise again, higher than I have ever been before. Soaring high on majestic wings of gold, all of the trials and tribulations that overcame me in this the darkest of all nights are now far below me. Again I stand in the ful power, glory and strength which are rightfully mine!

Guilt, oppression and depression held me bound in the darkest depths of their prison. There I sat with no way to escape them, their chains wraped around me so very tight. Their hands covered my eyes, ears and mouth so that I could not see hear or even speak. If only I could have seen it my prison was not so dark as I thought, there was a light in there with me that allowed me to say: "Though the darkest shades of black surround me, yet will I praise him!"

Their hold on me has been broken, no longer am I their prisoner chained and tormented. I have been set free by the one who holds the keys to their prisons and who holds all power and authority in heaven and on Earth. Again I am free to fly high above all that held me bound. My wings spread out reflecting his glorious light like a mirror, and my song rings out loud and clear even unto the farthest reaches of the heavens: "Glory and honor and power be unto our Father who sits upon his throne. And unto his Son who has broken all of my chains, and set me free. And unto his Holy Spirit who is always with me and has placed his seal upon me for all to see. Whether I am chained in a prison or I am soaring free on majestic wings of gold I will praise him forever! Glory be to God in the highest forever and ever. Amen!"

Mercy, Hope And Faith - Three Of God's Daughters

Mercy is the tender compassion with which the Holy Spirit has filled our hearts. Mercy is always at work in our lives, each time we reach out to the poor, the sick, the lonely. She gives tender love to our children, she visits the sick, shares her clothes and food with the poor, and gives frindship to the lonely. Mercy is always kind, gentle and loving, there is no limit to her compasion!

Hope keeps telling us things really will get better, she reminds us of all the times God has come through when it looked impossible. Hope is there to lift us up when life no longer seems worth living, she is always there encouraging us to carry on with the work God has given each of us to do.

Faith allows us to know God's Word is true. She allows us to reach out with the Holy Spirit's power and heal the sick, restore sight to the blind and hearing to the deaf. She allows us to stand strong through the Holy Spirit against Satan and his evil hordes. Faith allows us to stand strong throughout life in the knowledge that Jesus Christ is our Savior and through him we are spotless children of God. Faith is the power behind Mercy and Hope.

Once a woman or man becomes a child of God, Mercy, Hope and Faith will never leave you alone. When that day comes, and you reach out to take Jesus Christ's hand, he will say to each one of you: "Well done my good and faithful daughter/son. Come home and reveive your well deserved reward!"