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Goldenglory's weblog
Monday, 8 December 2008
Pearl Harbor

One of the big cases of the government lying to the people for no reason other than attacking Japan and Germany. They never said a word about what they had been doing to Japan and Germany, instead they claim we were attacked. If the people had only known the truth, we would not have been in the war, and many politicians would have stood trial for treason!

If they lie to start wars, and to cover up so many other evil deeds, don't you think they will lie about anything if it serves their purpose? No one should think for one moment that this government cares about them, you are nothing to them but a barn yard animal. Your freedom no longer exists, and you live only so long as they think you might be useful, so be a good slave and obey your federal and state masters.

While they hate all religion, Christians and Israel are at the top of their list, and will be the first to be banned. Many claim they have already built the prisons, or might they be death camps like Hitler had? Any way you look at it, before the Last Days, Christians will be hated around the world, if this is still a nation (in truth a union of fifty States) at that time, it will not be an exception. we have seen society move a long way in that direction during the past sixty years.

If you think it will make a difference, then stand up and try to force the feds to return to the constitution we started with, before they began to butcher it, before they passed so many laws no one has any idea what they are, and few have even looked to see how many violate the constitution. All laws that violate the constitution are void before even being voted on. And that goes for these presidential orders as well, and all other secret laws. It is far more likely if you speak too loudly you will find yourself on their list to be rounded up like cattle.

Now when you hear of Pearl Harbor Day, you can remember it was when Japan finally struck back after all the feds had been doing to them and Germany, not the other way around. There is plenty of information available about it now, partly because of the 'freedom of information act'.

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Posted by Pastor Glory at 5:07 AM PST
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