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Goldenglory's weblog
Wednesday, 10 December 2008
Near future

Some of the things I have been speaking of are bound to come to pass, but which ones? And how bad will it be? The States have to go through the balance every so often just to keep the economy working, if the government steps in and tries to prevent it, the result is a delayed balancing that is far worse then it had to be. The government has spent trillions of your money trying to do just that! They stole the money from you and gave it to large corporations that couldn't manage to run a profitable business. What they could not steal, they printed, reducing the value of the dollar even more with each one they printed.

Now the people of the fifty States are going to have to pay for the evil deeds of the federal government, this time they cannot go and start another war thinking that will get them out of it. Too many nations don't want anything to do with their worthless dollars, and they have caused too many of our own companies to shut down. They are in a real fix when they can't make it at home and no one wants their dollars!

Most of the people had little to do with creating this problem, but we are the ones who will have to pay for it. Everything has been slowly crumbling for over twenty years, there was plenty of time to fix the problem, but instead they chose to continue making it worse. There are many reasons floating around as to why, the main one is to force the creation of a 'North American Union' combining Canada, the States and Mexico for all purposes into one nation. If that should happen you can forget all of your rights and freedoms, the constitution will no longer exist nor will the sovereign and independent States. Do you think if such a thing comes to pass 'Freedom Of Religion' is going to be enjoyed as it is now? We would look at the former USSR as a good place to live!

For now, no one can prepare for what is to come, yet there are many things which can be done. Gathering folks together who share the same beliefs can help a great deal however it takes place. Getting out of large cities, to a place of at least no more than large towns is a very good idea. Large cities always suffer the worst during hard times, partly because they have no way to support any of their own needs. Learning to take care of the basic things in life is something that should have been known before ever getting out of grammar school, yet most folks today know nothing of it. They depend on stores and government for everything from birth to death. Teach yourself as much as you can, together with those around you it is surprising what we can survive! Well, this is another area that could easily be turned into a complete manual, which are available in book stores and on the inter-net. No matter what we think will happen, we must prepare for life to be much worse, then we will be better off should it not happen. To go the other way and not prepare hoping for the best, is asking for disaster.

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Posted by Pastor Glory at 1:36 AM PST
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