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The Starfire Cronicles

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1) Story Line - Background (World - Environment Setting)
Background - Historical Reference - Master Plot Lines

2) Chapter Names (Scenarios)
Chapter Names (With Event Summary)

3) Places And Geography
Map Locations (With Discription Of Image Map)
Map Geography ( Terrain-Ecological Systems/Features/Specs.)

4) People And Creatures
Shepherd's Kingdom Characters - Dark Lord's Characters
Sub Plots: Kingdom Reference: Character Event-Activity-Motivation
Shepherd's kingdom characters:
King, Princes, Territorial Rulers/Generals/Majors/Etc.
Dark Lord's kingdom characters:
Dark Lord,Princes (area rulers), Territorial Rulers (accountable to Dark Lord & Princes), Enforcer, Others (per function & power ability.

5) Time
Days, Weeks, Years.

1-A: Starfire - Book #1 - The Early Days - Story Line

A story of a world and people much like Earth, Starfire #1 is its creation and the early days long before Starfire #2. It tells the story of how evil came to Earth and what the King did about it, how the land was divided up between the powers of good and evil. It is the story of the beginning of the races and countries found in Starfire #2 & #3.

1-B: Starfire - Book #2 - The Valley To Viktoria - Story Line

The story of Starfire, a young man who was rejected by his family and the village folks. He discovers the Gentle Shepherd and is adopted into the King's family. He then begins a journey into the King's high country on his way to the King's palace. This is the story of his journey and the people and creatures he meets along the way. Starfire first becomes one of the King's warriors, later he becomes a Captain with a small company of his own. Starfire does not know the way to the King's palace and must rely on the Shepherd to guide him. He finds the journey to the King's palace may take his whole life. He He is led into the high deserts east of the valley, meeting and marrying Sevea.

1-C: Starfire - Book #3 - Governor Of South Desert - Story Line

Starfire is now Governor of South Desert and married to Sevea, who gives birth to a daughter they name Viktoria. The capitol city of South Desert is renamed Viktoria after their daughter. Starfire tours the cities and towns in South Desert.

2) Chapter Names Ref. & Summary

Starfire #1 - The Early Days

Part 1 - The Beginning

01. "In The Beginning"
02. "Iskus Becomes 'Lord Of Darkness'"

Part 2 - The Trolkvinnas

03. "The Prophetess"
04. "The School"
05. "The Prophetess Meets Her Mother"
06. "The Prophetess Learns The Story Of Her People"
07. "The Messenger"
08. "Gathering"
09. "Journey To The Coastal Plateau"
10. "The Building Of New Greeth"
11. "The Goddesses And Gods Temples"
12. "The Priestesses Of New Greeth Become The Trolkvinna"
13. "The Meeting of the Goddesses And Gods"

Part 3 - The Druites

14. "Fristadt"
15. "The Torrites War Against The Trolkvinnas"
16. "Asa-Tor And The Druites"
17. "A Second Meeting Of The Goddesses And Gods"
18. "The Goddesses And Gods Meet The King And Shepherd"

Part 4 - The King's Son Becomes The Gentle Shepherd

19. "Kristendom"
20. "The Shepherd's Birth"
21. "The Gentle Shepherd Begins His Work"
22. "The Shepherd's Trial"

Starfire #2 - The Valley To Viktoria

01. "The Valley Of The Shadow Of Death"

Bezal (Starfire) in the valley, Bezal meets the Gentle Shepherd, Bezal spends his last night in the valley with the gatekeepers.
02. "The First House"
Bezal's journey to the first house, the mountain meadow, Bezal injures his ankle, the Shepherd heals Bezal's ankle at the house, Bezal's vision of the high country and the King's palace.
03. "The Shepherd's Road Crew"
The Shepherd travels with Bezal to the second house, the Shepherd takes Bezal on a cross-country route around damaged road, Bezal sees his first battle between the Shepherd's warriors and the enemy, Bezal falls and is rescued by the Shepherd.
04. "Thieves"
The 'Valley Of Self-indulgence', Bezal sleeps in a garden, Bezal's armor and backpack are stolen, the Shepherd's warriors battle with the enemy and return his stolen goods, he is given a ride in a chariot across the rest of the valley, Bezal meets six dragons and a Djavulsk on a vulture, he is saved by warriors from the third house, Asa tells the story of the Dark Lord and his creatures.
05. "The Warriors Of The North"
Bezal meets the Warriors of the North, a battle on White Mountain Plateau, Bezal captured by a Djavulsk, carried into mountains by a vulture, he is rescued by Iron and Bronze, his journey to the outpost.
06. "The Outpost"
Bezal's arrival at the outpost, the Northern Warriors leave to fight a troop of enemy warriors, Bezal meets Mosie the blacksmith.
07. "Snowflower"
The arrival of Asa and his warriors, Bezal meets the 'Red Warrior' (Snowflower), Snowflower renames Bezal, he is now: 'Starfire', Snowflower's shield and coat-of-arms, Starfire learns of the King's messengers, Starfire helps Mosie build his chariot, the warriors leave for the battle at Blodkulle.
08. "Surprise Attack"
A small band of men under the Dark Lord attack the outpost, victory in the outpost, three prisoners, Starfire is given Sorglos and Stjarnfall.
09. "The Warriors Return"
Starfire's first ride in his chariot, five Djavulsk fly by, the warriors return, the Northern Warriors sent to their homeland, Starfire and Snowflower sent to Blue Lake, Asa and his warriors sent to the High Deserts, prisoners travel with Starfire to Blue Lake, Starfire is given new armor and sword by the Shepherd, the feast.
10. "The Journey To Fort Blue Lake"
The company camps by the Eastern Road, Asa and his warriors leave Starfire and travel on the Eastern Road.
11. "Fort Blue Lake"
Arrival at Fort Blue Lake, Commander Stenkross, Sergeant Starklad, Starfire meets the Vikings, Lady Gelfiun the Commander's Wife, Svartsmed the blacksmith, a trip to Blue Lake, Starfire meets Snowflower's friends, Snowflower's story, the Trolkvinna, Starfire meets the Shepherd's messenger Karlek.
12. "Starfire's Company"
The forming of Starfire's company, Starfire tells Svartsmed about Karlek, repairs on the water lines, Knute gives Starfire three of his warriors.
13. "The Search"
The search for the supply wagons, enemies ahead, Starfire's company's first mission alone.
14. "Battle At Bergvagg"
The battle begins, the ladies free the enemy's prisoners, four dragons.
15. "The Commander's Choice"
The Commander and Lady Gelfiun learn Sevea is going to have a baby, that Knute is the baby's father and of Starfire's desire to marry Sevea.
16. "Sevea And Starfire's Wedding"
Sevea and Starfire get married, winter at Blue Lake.
17. "Spring At Fort Blue Lake"
Knute and Skadi get married, Sevea gives birth to a daughter, they name her Viktoria.
18. "Journey To The Dry Lakes"
Starfire, Sevea and their company travel over the White Mountains to a town in the south-west corner of the High Deserts called "Mosseberg" with the Northern Warriors and Knute's company, they meet a dwarf named Cashel, Starfire becomes Governor of South Desert.

Starfire #3 - The Governor Of South Desert

01. "Mosseberg Becomes Viktoria"